Self-Storage For The Professional Handyman

Are you a professional handyman? Take a look at how self-storage can help your freelance home improvement business.

Room for Tools

Does your extensive equipment collection take up most of your garage, shed, basement, or living space? De-clutter your home and move your business supplies to an off-site storage unit. This type of storage rental is the ideal area to store your professional handyman tool collection if:

Your home storage space is humid or damp

Moisture is the enemy of metal tools. The high humidity level in your garage or your wet, leaky basement can rust your business equipment, leaving you to pay for expensive replacements or spend precious time on repairs.

You have children at home

Children and sharp or power tools don't mix. Off-site self-storage units provide a safer place to keep your tools — far away from your child's reach.

You don't work near your home

Are most of your customers in another town? Rent a unit closer to where you typically work. This eliminates the need to constantly move your tools far distances.

Along with tools, you may need a storage space to stash other home improvement materials. If your handyman services include plumbing, painting, glasswork, or other household services, you can use a rental unit for overflow inventory items. These may include home plumbing parts (such as toilet valves or sink aerators), paintbrushes, or extra panes of glass.

Places for Paperwork

Now that you have somewhere else to store your tools, it's time to tackle the administrative end of your business. Your tools aren't the only work-related items that take up space in your home. If you don't have a dedicated business space or office, you may need a storage rental to hold:

Blank invoices 

Did you buy invoices in bulk to save money on the cost of printing? Instead of cluttering your home with boxes of paper, package these in sturdy plastic bins and store the invoices in a rental unit.

Marketing materials

Do you have brochures, flyers, or other paper advertisements at home? Like blank invoices, you can also store these items in an off-site facility.

Customer references 

Do you have folders filled with written customer references or a work portfolio? Photograph or scan these items to save them in one secure online space. After you've uploaded the documents, store the originals in your rental.

Even though completed invoices, insurance statements, and other sensitive documents may take up space in your home, these paperwork items don't belong in cardboard boxes or regular plastic storage bins. Instead, store these valuable or irreplaceable documents in a safe. You may also need to rent a climate-controlled unit for added protection. 

Contact a local self-storage facility to learn more.