Self-Storage For The Professional Handyman

Are you a professional handyman? Take a look at how self-storage can help your freelance home improvement business. Room for Tools Does your extensive equipment collection take up most of your garage, shed, basement, or living space? De-clutter your home and move your business supplies to an off-site storage unit. This type of storage rental is the ideal area to store your professional handyman tool collection if: Your home storage space is humid or damp

3 Ways To Use A Rental Storage Unit To Help With The Holidays

While living in a small- to medium-sized home, you may understand the importance of preserving storage for essential items. If you do not already own and store a lot of holiday items, you may find that you are limited in your ability to make a lot of purchases. To solve this problem, you should rent a storage unit as it will help you improve your family's enjoyment of the holidays.

Keeping Self-Storage Costs Down

Putting things in a storage unit is a great way to save money in the long run. Rather than getting rid of items now and then having to re-purchase them later, you can keep them in a self storage unit until you need them again. But renting a storage unit does come with some costs. Here are ways to keep those costs down. 1. Rent a storage unit upstairs. If you are renting from a storage facility with both upstairs and downstairs units, you can often save a bundle by renting an upstairs unit.