Why You Shouldn't Crash In Your Storage Unit

Self-storage units are relatively cheaper than regular accommodation, so you might be tempted to sleep in your rented unit. In fact, some people have theorized about the issue, even analyzing the possibility of sleeping (or living) in a storage unit. Unfortunately, crashing in a storage unit would be an extremely bad idea due to the reasons below (among others). It's Against the Facility's Regulations All storage facilities have rules and regulations that govern how people use their facilities.

Selling Your Home Without Professional Help? Rent A Storage Unit To Help With Staging

As a homeowner, you have an opportunity to hire a real estate professional when you are interested in selling the property. However, while you may want to sell your house, you may want to handle the entire process on your own so that you can get a larger percentage of the sale. This means that you will need to handle many important aspects such as staging the home, taking photos, writing up listings, and managing tours for any home buyers who are interested.